Social Standing

Secretary General (all india) Indian Council of Social Welfare

Former chairman

Indian Council of Social Welfare (ICSW), Hostel Committee,Chembur, Mumbai. Presidence nominee  of all India ICSW. ICSW is the biggest and oldest NGO committed to the development of weaker section of the  society, across India. it also acting as a Certifying Agency for adoption of children

Social Standing
Inauguration ceremony of ICSW hostel. Mr. Bhupeshbabu along with Shri. P. G. Gavai (Formal Delhi Governor) and Ex. Chief Secretary)& Mrs. Parvathi Parihar (Ex. MLA)


Enkay Foundation - NGO

  • Partner of Govt. of Kerala for the AIDS Awareness Program Maharashtra.
  • Recognizing Eminent Citizens in the field of education and culture
  • Helping children of the weakar section of the society financially,
  • specially in educational field.
  • Constituted Media Award for Prominent Personalities in Media

Social Standing
Inauguration ceremony of Enkay Foundation's AIDS Awareness Program in JV With
Kerala Government.
Bhupeshbabu along with
Shri. P. Shankaran Health Minister of Kerala & Shri. Chaggan Bhujbbal

Director-Vashi Times

The first and prominent English weekly News Paper published from Navi Mumbai.Vashi Times is running successfully for the last 25 years.

Founder & Adviser
New Bombay Hawker's Association

An Association taking up legitimate welfare issues of Hawker's including rehabilitisation


Maharashra coconut workers welfare association
An association working for the welfare of the coconut sellers in Maharashtra.

Social Standing
'Man of The Year'
Award hournered on Shri. T. N. Sheshan by Shri. Sharad Pawar (Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra) in 1994.

Social Standing
Shri. Sharad Pawar being escorted by Mr.Bhupeshbabu to the award distribution ceremony

Social Standing
'Man Of The Year'
Award being conferred on Shri.M.T. Vasudevan Nair by Shri. P. G. Gaval

Social Standing
Rellief materials vehicle being flagged off by Mrs. Suryakantha Tai Patil (Miniser of State for Rural Development) to the earth quock victims in Gujarat Mrs. Nivedida Mane (MP) is also seen

Social Standing
Mrs. Neena Pillai Receiving 'Man Of The Year' award on behalf of Shri. Rajan Pillai from Shri. G. karthikeyan (Cultural Affairs Miniser of Kerala) Mayor of Kochin is also seen

Assembly election 2009 - Campaign Shri. T. P. Peethambaran Master, Shri. Ganesh Naik & Shri Sandeep Naik

A grand welcome to the 'Jnanapeedham' award winner Shri. M. T. Vasudevan Nair in Mumbai organised under the leadership of Bhupeshbabu

Bhupeshbabu and Wife receiving 'Pookkalam' competition prize from Film Actor Paresh Raval.

'Man of The Year' is being awarded to Shri. G. S. Pradeep (Grand Quiz Master) by Shri. Gurunath Kulkarni (MLC)

Photographs of release of Taloja Industrial Assosiation Directory - 2011 by Shri. Ajit Pawar, by Chief Minister with Shri. N.K. Bhupeshbabu, Vice President Maharashtra Pradesh NCP and Shri. Satish